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About Us

Make Fashion.
It is the goal that we set ourselves when the brand was born Deborah T.

The aim is to create unique outfits and inimitable style, strictly hand made. Combining traditional tailoring techniques, a modern and innovative twist.

Make Fashion for Everyone.
We aren’t talking about to realize the traditional wedding dress, the most stylish suit or classic suit. Making Fashion is something else, which is why we decided to create the fashion lines for Woman, Man & Child; pace with the times, which look to the future and to new ideas.

How many women imagine their wedding day. How many still young, cut out pictures from the newspaper of their favorite wedding dresses, dreaming one day to be able to wear.

Today we can realize your dream, or rather the dress of your dreams. Whether for your wedding, for an elegant evening or to you daily outfit, together we will create something extraordinary and unique.

We all know mens, they are simpler and easy to please. Not because of this, we decided to abandon it to its fate. Even the smallest detail has to be taken care of, that’s why we choose to create handmade each items: from the jacket to the shirt, from his shoes to his belt, up to personalization of the twins, rigorously Made in Italy.

Make Fashion also means to stand out.
Children clothing is becoming a trend. But how? Large companies realize items at low cost with poor quality material. We have no intention of that. We want to create casual lines to dress our children every day or formal for ceremonies and special occasions such as baptisms and communions. All accompanied by pleasant in style accessories, using materials Made in Italy.

Make Fashion means to do it the right way.
There are no clothes ready to be worn. The curves of the body are not all the same, that’s why we want to offer the ‘tailored’. Together, we will design and realize the dress made especially for you. You will be an integral part of the production process, being able to modify at your will, the dress you’ve always wanted.

Each dress is entirely handmade in the Atelier in Anzio, in order to offer an item 100% Made in Italy. The quality of the used products, from fabrics to lace, is the result of a long and skillful research in our region and all over the world.

The attention to detail is everything. That’s why we’ll follow you step by step, taking care of your style, until the last moment.

Make Fashion means also share.
We are social, we like to look around and be inspired by the novelty and offer always  something new. For example summer costumes or women’s shirts that can become wedding dresses.

The new media means available (Web, Social Media and Social Network), help Italian entrepreneurs to export the Made in Italy.

Make Fashion is Debora T.


Experience, quality and professionalism for what you’ve always dream.

Debora, Who am I…

I was born in Anzio. When I was a child, with small pieces of cloth and the needle taken from grandmother, I dressed my dolls.

At 15, I started working in the great Italian tailors, where I learned the traditional techniques of sewing, that  has characterized for years, the Made in Italy.

At 26, I was part of the great Italian fashion production. I worked for Fendi, Romeo Gigli and Pianura, honing techniques and learning what it means to be part of a large company.

Then, I moved to the cities that have made the history of my country: Rome and Florence, where I worked again, in the traditional Italian tailoring.

The experience I gained and the knowledge to do well in this area, have made my dream come true: the birth of Deborah T.

A workplace where to express myself, where to make high-fashion clothes for everyone, with the aim of exporting all over the world Made in Italy.